About Incident Angle Oy

Angle of incidence of a ray of light has an enormous impact on aberrations the optical system effects on the ray. Our goal at Incident Angle Oy is to be the first contact for our clients project success. We aim to get the whole system right from the start, and for this we consider the complete process simultaneously as a whole, from initial parameters to optical performance to the final mechanical manufacturing tolerances.

Incident Angle Oy started 2013 in Tokyo, powered by our experiences there. We located to southern Finland to serve customers in industry and commercial applications, later joined by scientific communities. We do our own research and pre-designs, but also utilize basic optical models for a more expedited design phase.

Company info

Official Name Incident Angle Oy  
VAT number FI25128836
Corporate Form Limited Company
Main Field Manufacture of optical instruments
and photographic equipment (26700)
Launch of Operations 15.2.2013
Chairman Jani Achrén  
Contact   Contact and inquiries  
Tel: +358 44 7744 070