"What can an optical designer do for me?"

Published 2.5.2014

I'll be pointing out some benefits of hiring an optical designer despite the shortness of our involvement.

For an optical project, the part of an optical designer is very short. Once the designs are ready, manufacturing, marketing and the logistics are the long processes that dominate the product line. Here I'll be pointing out some benefits of hiring an optical designer despite the shortness of our involvement.

All manufacturers like to cut costs, this is obvious. Training an existing (mechanical?) engineer to do the optical designs seems a smart, low-cost solution and a jackpot for pay costs. Who wouldn't want to have two experts with one pay check? There are so many pitfalls in thinking that a "Jack-of-two-trades-master-of-both" actually exists. Optics and mechanics are two different traits, and persons in them have chosen one, and not the other. Optics (and accompanying university-level mathematics, physics etc.) takes years to be productive, and for an unmotivated learner success is not probable. There is also the danger that a successful candidate will eventually realize his or her worth.

A hired optical designer not only possess the training you need, also does not burden the pay rolls when you no longer need him. Also, specialized design and analysis software and the time to climb the learning curve are a hefty investment. By hiring you rent the software and a skillful operator in one package.

Optical designer doesn't just design your new product. He can also do market research from your products with an expert outsiders point of view and suggest new products and market areas, so you don't even have to come up with details or even ideas yourself. This applies to expired patents, patents you own or desire to purchase, or even existing products. Product improvement is terminated by manufacturing time-tables, not by performance, so there is always room for a better product.

Consultation is also available. We can make detailed analysis, improvement suggestions, new designs and even remakes with stock optical components (where possible). Reasonable designers offer this with lesser cost than what it would take to realize an actual design. Cheaper compared to first ordering the design, then seeing if it works, concept verification is spot-on if you're unsure of the practicalities or cost of your idea.

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