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Our articles related to various phases of optical design.

Paying attention to optimization

Practical tolerancing example

Achromatization over wide spectral range

Glass manufacturers for the photonics project could be chosen freely

Case study: Using an achromatic objective as its own focal reducer

A folded Cassegrain telescope saves up space and a whole world of troubles

Improving telescope objective with N-BK7 accessories

Little fauna friends of the optical designer

New or improved for commercial telescope optics?

Fast F/1 reflective Maksutov microscope objective

Case study: a fast Maksutov-Ritchey-Chretien of F/1.3

Ways to trip by using stock optical components

Case study: F/2 MWIR imager from stock optics

Finding numbers for the client

Building an optical system with stock optics

"What can an optical designer do for me?"

Designing Cassegrain type telescopes with spreadsheet

About adjusting Null corrector lens to correct distance

Low-cost interferometric testing for conical surfaces