Our security policy, date 16.1.2019

The administrator of this site does not use cookies, tracers or anything else that can be used to track or trace visitors or to extract information not openly given to us. The purpose of this site is to present an abstract of our services and means to contact us. Visitors who would like to contact us are encouraged to use their own secure communication services.

When our clients, prospective or otherwise, communicate with Incident Angle by any means, they will receive complete discression by default. Their contact information will not be used for anything except for information exchange regarding the purpose of their initial communication (and an occasional seasons greetings directly from us). In addition, they can present their own non-disclosure agreement.

Any and all original files Incident Angle creates during client's project are clients intellectual property by default, excluding non-original components of those files that demonstrably existed before the client project. The files are created and maintained offline, and securely emailed at delivery, unless otherwise agreed upon. Other secure delivery methods are available.